Sustainable processes, carbon re-use cycle

Photon8's autotrophic alga consumes CO2 (greenhouse gas) via  photosynthesis, therein converting photons, CO2 and nutrients into a  biomass laden with lipids, proteins and minerals. In stark improvement  to open-pond systems Photon8's PFR closed growth system resists  contamination and ensures high CO2 utilization rates. 

Photon8’s Sustainability Advantages:

  •  Closed System: 
  • Full CO2 Utilization
  • Autotrophic Algae: requires no sugar source: “direct conversion”
  • Superior Energy Return Ratio
  • Natural Raw Materials: Sunlight, Seawater, 
  • Waste- Stream Nutrients
  • Nil Freshwater Requirements
  • Utilize Non-Arable Lan